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Friday, May 15, 2009


Nakakalungkot dahil nawawala ang mga pagkakataon kong matuto kapag hindi ako ang gumagawa ng mga bagay bagay dahil delikado para sa isang babae iyon pero naiintindihan ko naman na may mga bagay na itinakda ang lipunan na hindi na maaaring baguhin. At naiintindihan ko rin na para sa kaligtasan ko rin naman iyon pero..

Minsan napapaisip ako kung karapatdapat ba ako sa isang bagay na hindi ko maibigay ng buo ang sarili ko at hindi ko magampanan ng lubusan dahil lamang sa babae ako.

Hindi ko lubos akalain na sa modernong panahon ay may mga balakid pa pala sa pagitan ng magkaibang kasarian na tulad nito. Pero hindi naman ako magmumukmok at magpapatalo. Hindi ako lalaban sa paraang makikipagsabayan sa mga kalalakihan. Nirerespeto ko ang kakayahan nila pero hahanapin ko ang isang aspeto kung saan alam kong mangunguna ako dahil kabaro ko si Eba.

Gayunpaman nagpapasalamat ako at lubos akong pinagpala dahil napasama ako sa isang hanep na grupo, ibang klase ang samahan. Hindi perpekto pero masaya.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

"Ends and Means"

"When I was in elementary, I was dying to go to Highschool.
When I was in Highschool, I was dying to go to College.
When I was in College, I was dying to have a job.
When I had a job, I was dying to be promoted.
When I was promoted, I was dying to establish a family.
And now I am dying, I forgot how to live.."

This would probably be the summarization of my life...
I realized how I rush
just to get things done. I am always after the ends and tend to disregard the means when in fact it is in the means that you gain experience, knowledge, and happiness..

A friend of mine had recently taught me a little something (little enough to be none sense to some) which I think is a big thing in helping me loosen up and enjoy life. What is it? It is to walk slowly.

Before, I am always in a hurry even if I am an hour early for work. I know, pathetic right? I felt really geeky when I realized this. And so now I am starting to walk slowly and as the konyos would say, "chillax".

Plurk and Facebook Status:
Paula Misty is taking time to smell the flowers... =)

Saturday, May 9, 2009


That is my personality defect according to an application in Facebook that I answered yesterday,

I know its kind of foolish to actually be affected by quizzes that are all over FB like
Anong klaseng tae ka? or Gaano ka katulis?
But this one really hit me. I am sad and sadly, its true.

I was having my daily afternoon walk
yesterday along Pedro Gil on my way to Taft when I realized how miserable my life is. It is a Friday and I am going home while the sun is still up.

To make myself feel better (or so I thought), I decided to buy my ultimate comfort food w
hich is Hongkong Style Fried Noodles with Mcfloat. I was quietly eating by struggling with my chopsticks when the cold air suddenly went up my spine again. It is a Friday, I am going home while the sun is still up and I am eating my comfort food alone.

I got home and is starting to despise my life so I decided to watch TV (which I haven't done for quite a long time). Television is the best and cheapest source of entertainment in our house. I mean, what could be more entertaining than watching Manny Pacquiao's concert at the comfort of your own home.

And so I was browsing through the phase modulated ultra high frequencies when I happen to stop at Disney Channel which is showing Finding Nemo. I watched it (for the second time) and I cried. Damn.

As stupid as this may sound, I was inspired by the character of Dory. Her optimism and sunny point of view is exactly what was lacking in my life right now.

And so I decided to start anew and create this HAPPY HAPPY BLOG.

Cheers to Happiness!